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Bug#491805: RFS: sqlline

Damien Raude-Morvan <drazzib@drazzib.com> (13/08/2008):
> Cyril, did you have time to sponsor this package (if it's ok for you,
> of course)?

Here are some comments:
 - I assume libjline-java will pull the needed java machinery so you
   don't have to depend on a java runtime environment; is that correct?
 - I assume ant doesn't call any java-ish stuff in the clean target;
   otherwise you would have to move java-gcj-compat-dev to B-D.
 - Please add full stops at the end of the sentences of your long
   description. The other dots are only here for “folding” (see RFC
 - Nothing important, but you have trailing spaces in debian/copyright,
   you may want to use show-wspace.el if you're an Emacs user.
 - Not sure whether you're pointing at the BSD license is sufficient,
   usually (at least for GPL), a blurb is needed (3 paragraphs). But if
   you're confident enough, I leave that up to ftpmasters. :)
 - Also, when packaging something under a “liberal” license (like the
   BSD licenses), you may want to license the packaging under the same
   license, that might help upstream integrate patches, and so on.
 - I'd s/(C)/©/ in your copyright statement (about Debian packaging)
   since only “Copyright”, “Copr.”, and “©” are legally recognized.
 - You may want to limit the line length of your README.Debian to <= 80
   characters; might improve readibility, especially on servers with
   only the default 80x25 console.
 - No space before “:”, “;”, “!”, etc. in English (same file).
 - Also, s/take/takes/.
 - README.source (whitespaces again) can disappear. All copyright info
   must be in debian/copyright, so please move its contents there.
 - debian/rules:
    - whitespaces line 2.
	- if you're using dh_install in “install/sqlline:”, no need to add
	  this directory to the “dirs” file.
	- you could modify this target like that:
	   - put the jar file and its location in an “install” file.
	   - do the same for the wrapper.
	   - only do a “mv” in this target.
	   - the “dirs” file can go away.
 - I think we already discussed the presence of svn-deblayout so I won't
   insist on it. :)

That was only a review of the most important things of the source part,
I'll have a look at the build/binary part once you've addressed some of
those points. ;-)


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