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Bug#488931: RFA: mp3splt -- Splits MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files without reencoding

>Hello Francois,
>> I request an adopter for the mp3splt package.
>As I already maintain some mp3* package, I'm willing to maint this one
>too (maybe we can comaint, if you want, or I'll fully take it by
>myself, as you prefer)
>> The package is in a good shape and will have a new upstream release soon
>> that
>> should fix most of the forwarded bugs.
>Great! Maybe, since upstream seems to release himself a deb package,
>we can try to convince him to join our effort and maintain the package
>with us: did you even walk this way? any success? Let me know.


I am the current maintainer of the mp3splt project. I will be glad to
maintain the package with you; however, I haven't read the Debian Policy

The next stable release is composed of :
  - libmp3splt : a library created from mp3splt v2.1c
                 which contains 2 plugins for splitting files :
                  - one for mp3
                  - one for ogg vorbis
  - mp3splt : the client that uses libmp3splt
  (- mp3splt-gtk : a GUI to libmp3splt)

I was wondering if we should create the following packages :
  - libmp3splt
  - libmp3splt mp3 plugin
  - libmp3splt ogg plugin
  - mp3splt
or leave 'libmp3splt & mp3 plugin & ogg plugin' in one package.

Just for info, I still need to fix some bugs and do some testing up to the
next release.



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