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Bug#449205: RFP: stix-fonts -- the Scientific and Technical Information eXchange fonts

Note that STIX has adopted the SIL Open Font license, as they stated
on March 11, 2008:


"The STI Pub Group has accepted the SIL Open Font License as the
license to be used for the production release. The copyright statement
is being reviewed by our attorney and the final license text will be
released as soon as that review is completed."

Also from their FAQ (http://www.stixfonts.org/STIXfaq.html):

"Q. The terms of the license do not appear to allow modification of
parts of the fonts that are not the glyphs, including tables or the
README.txt. Will the final license be fully "open"?

A. The STIPub Group plans to release the production version of the
fonts under the SIL Open Font License.
We do request that, if any changes are made, these be documented
fully, the font names changed, and the identity of the person or
organization responsible for the modification be included in the
documentation. The copyright holder should be informed of any
modifications, and may choose to incorporate contributed modifications
into the standard version. "

Seems that SIL OFL is appropriate for free repo:


"The OFL meets the specific needs of typographic design and
engineering as well as the gold standards of the FLOSS (Free/Libre and
Open Source Software) community, namely the cultural values and
guidelines from the FSF 1, the Debian Free Software Guidelines2, as
well as the Open Source Definition3. It draws inspiration from some
concepts and elements found in other free and open licenses, but we
believe our improvements in the specific area of fonts will make the
licensing model work better than other models currently in use."

"DFSG compatibility
The OFL complies with the  Debian Free Software Guidelines:
reselling: DFSG #1
source code redistribution: DFSG #2
derivatives: DFSG #3
"compromise" clause permitting name change: DFSG #4 (this is
absolutely essential for font derivatives for artistic integrity and
anti-collision purposes)
no discrimination against people/groups: DFSG #5
no discrimination against fields of endeavour: DFSG #6
license distribution: DFSG #7
non-Debian specific: DFSG #8
no contamination of other software: DFSG #9
Note that various font families under OFL have been accepted in the
main archive of Debian (as well as Ubuntu) by the ftp-masters."

Best Regards,
 Aleksander Adamowski

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