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Bug#480081: RFP: fplll -- A library for LLL-reduction of euclidean lattices


* Timothy G Abbott [Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 12:54:21PM -0400]:
> I do not want to maintain all of the SAGE dependencies in the long term 
> (In particular, I would prefer that those that have substantial userbase 
> outside SAGE be maintained by people with an interest in them independent 
> from SAGE).  However, I uploaded because I want to be sure that we do not 
> miss the Lenny release freeze deadline.
> If you're interested in maintaining this package in the long term, you 
> should feel free to change its maintainer to yourself (and do any other 
> auditing you want to do) and re-upload.

I think the urgent thing is to have it in debian in time for lenny.
We'll see afterwards.

In particular I've already asked Damien to clean the upstream tarball
a bit.


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