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Bug#460056: libfile-chmod-perl not yet ready

Hi, Alejandro,

I've taken a look at a package you've svn-injected, libfile-chmod-perl
and I have several notes that need fixing before the upload.

Note most of these are not "critical" but I'd still like to see them
addressed before the first upload.

* debian/copyright:
  (critical) the license statement is not copied verbatim from the
  source. re-wrapping is OK, but the content must be exactly the same.

  (cosmetic) the "upstream author" line is usually in the beginning,
  right after the "upstream source".

  (cosmetic) the "perl is distributed..." note is not part of the
  upstream license text and I think it would be better if it is not
  indented together with it.

* debian/rules:
  you use CDBS. This is a grave bug in my eyes :)
  dh-make-perl's templates are an excellent start for writing

* debian/control:
  both short and long description could be improved.

  for example:
  short: chmod() overrude with symbolic and ls-style modes

  long: File::chmod provides an override for the Perl's chmod() function
  allowing usage of octal, symbolic or "ls-style" file modes.
  (the "see below" part is especially bad as there is no "below")

* the current debhelper compatibility level is 6 (from yesterday :)

* I also changed debian/watch:
  + Split the entry to "directory" and "pattern" lines
  + added v? to the pattern
  + require the version to start with a digit and allow only digits and

I've changed the changelog entry's distribution field to UNRELEASED to
note that the package needs more work. Revert this when you think it is
ready to be reviewed again.

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