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Processed: fixing wnpp bugs

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> #RFP with owner, looks like an ITP
> retitle 418889 ITP: nouveau -- an Open Source 3D drivers for nVidia cards
Bug#418889: RFP: nouveau -- an Open Source 3D drivers for nVidia cards
Changed Bug title to `ITP: nouveau -- an Open Source 3D drivers for nVidia cards' from `RFP: nouveau -- an Open Source 3D drivers for nVidia cards'.

> #O with owner
> noowner 452192
Bug#452192: O: picocom -- minimal dumb-terminal emulation program
Removed annotation that Bug was owned by kapil@debian.org.

> #unparsable owner
> owner 453462 Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi@mithrandi.za.net>
Bug#453462: ITA: pyflakes -- simple python source checker
Owner changed from mithrandi@mithrandi.za.net (Tristan Seligmann) to Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi@mithrandi.za.net>.

> #ITP without owner
> owner 455730 Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@debian.org>
Bug#455730: ITP: lua-peg -- Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua
Owner recorded as Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@debian.org>.

> #ITP without owner
> owner 455912 Sandro Tosi <matrixhasu@gmail.com>
Bug#455912: ITP: pygooglechart -- Complete wrapper for the Google Chart API
Owner recorded as Sandro Tosi <matrixhasu@gmail.com>.

> #ITP without owner
> owner 456143 Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas_spalinger@sil.org>
Bug#456143: ITP: ttf-sil-dai-banna -- smart fonts for New Tai Lue (Xishuangbanna Dai)
Owner recorded as Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas_spalinger@sil.org>.

> #unparsable owner
> owner 456227 Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt>
Bug#456227: ITP: sphinx -- Free SQL full-text search engine
Owner changed from "marco rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt>" to Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt>.

> #ITP without owner
> owner 456312 Joost van Baal <j.e.vanbaal+debian-bugs-20071214-3@uvt.nl>
Bug#456312: ITP: fair -- Daemons for implementing load balancers
Owner recorded as Joost van Baal <j.e.vanbaal+debian-bugs-20071214-3@uvt.nl>.

> #ITP without owner
> owner 456317 Keith Stribley <devel@thanlwinsoft.org>
Bug#456317: ITP: kmfl-keyboards-mywin -- Myanmar (Burmese) Unicode Keyboard for use with KMFL
Owner recorded as Keith Stribley <devel@thanlwinsoft.org>.

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