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Bug#454907: RFA: freeloader -- A nice GNOME download manager supporting torrents

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I think freeloader should be removed from Debian.

The project is unmaintained upstream, and the package has very few
users, better alternatives exist and are in the archive.

Ifanyone is willing to adopt this package, feel fre to do so. If there
is no new maintainer within the next month or so, I will request the
removal of the package.

Here is the long description: 
 Freeloader is a nice GNOME download manager written in Python
 and supporting torrents. Its main features are:
  * Support for BitTorrent files
  * Command line control
  * File system monitoring
  * Sorting by status or progress
  * Preferences saved in GConf
  * Drag and drop URLs or Torrents into main window or tray
  * Support for retrieval from most URLs (ftp, http, etc)
  * Support for hiding in system tray
  * Interruptible downloads


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