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Bug#454635: ITP: squeak-vm -- Virtual machine needed to run Squeak images on unix

El jue, 06-12-2007 a las 23:00 +0100, Daniel Baumann escribió:
> squeak is supposed[0] to be unable to package for debian due to legal
> reasons. can you elaborate on the current status?
> [0] http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/unable-to-package

Squeak is being relicensed from the old Apple license to a MIT license.
There have been some hundred of code contributors[1] and most of them
have already signed to relicense it. There is still some parts of the
code whose authors haven't answer to that requirement [2] and  parts of
the code is going to be rewritten or removed from Squeak. So Squeak as a
whole can not be uploaded to Debian yet. 
But all the virtual machine code is already under MIT [3] and available
under svn [4]. That's why I plan to upload only squeak-vm and not any
Squeak image to Debian. With the squeak-vm any Squeak image can be run:
the official one that's not DFSG compatible yet, but also some others
images that are totally free now [5]
Anyway I'm optimistic and I think that the whole Squeak image will be
available under MIT quite soon, as all the reimaining code and licenses
issues are being studied and fixed by the community and the Software
Freedom Law Center.

I know the whole Squeak paradigm it's a little hard to understand to
those that are not familiar with its use (the concept of program itself
is not the same as with "normal" languages, same for the image or the
vm), but I hope it's clearer now.

José L.


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