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Bug#389876: NMU of a new version of yaz


  I heard nothing since my previous mail (copy at the end of this one).
So I go ahead.
  A new version of yaz has just been packaged and uploaded to unstable
(yet again as an NMU by myself, however this NMU is quite intrusive).
The packaging is done in a git repo in the collab-maint alioth project.
  If Eric Schwartz does not manifest itself, I will co-maintain the yaz
package with MJ Ray who also express interest in this package.

  MIA team: since my previous mail, there is now an entry in the MIA
database about Eric. Do I need to do something other ? Or should I only
wait until you tell me (after you try to join Eric) that I can (or cannot)
take over this package ?

  Best regards

Vincent Danjean wrote:
>   Hi,
>   I would like to know which is the state of the yaz source package ?
> (libyaz2, libyaz2-dev, yaz-doc, yaz-ziffy binary packages)
>   I uploaded a new version of this package by NMU in experimental nearly
> one year ago.
>   Do Eric Schwartz want to continue to be the maintainer of this package ?
> Lots of new versions have been created upstream... And my NMU has never been
> ACKed.
>   If nobody object, Eric stays quiet, I will hijack this package instead of
> doing an NMU (co-maintainers will be welcome in this case) and upload it to
> unstable. Managing new version is way to intrusive for an NMU in this case.
> Note: I'm interested in this package only because it is needed for Koha
> (ITP 389876).
>   Best regards,
>     Vincent

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