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Bug#423322: Bug#425580: Bug#423322: Maintainership of SWI-Prolog

El lun, 03-12-2007 a las 03:35 +0000, Chris Lamb escribió:
> Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I'm not exactly sure what to do in this position. I am equally enthusiastic
> about adopting this package by myself as well as co-maintaining it with
> Gerado but he appears to be seriously MIA.

Hi Chris.

I've waiting since DebConf7 for your upload. But I've not seen any
upload since then..

I'm obviously without time to take care of the package, so, I agree with
give on adotion the package, since I have no time to take care of it.

> /Lamby
> [0] http://git.chris-lamb.co.uk/?p=pkg-swi-prolog.git
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