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Bug#442263: Any progress on opensim ITP


In fact I did indeed have some files that may have been of use, but I am right smack in the middle of trying to get my shit back together after a rather painful hard drive crash. I've lost mostly all my work that I've done in the past year, so it may take me some time to rummage around my fileservers and backups. I would love to send whatever I have to you, I just have to find it first.

I was able to package OpenSim into a binary .deb package, but I wasn't able to get a source .deb package together because there was an extreme lack of collaboration at the time I was attempting to package it.

I believe I stored a backup of the binary .deb package on a server somewhere, so at the very least I should be able to get that. Keep in mind, the version of OpenSIM that was packaged is very old by now, and is probably not relevent, but hey what the hell.

In my constant state of extreme disarray, this email may slip my mind, so if I don't reply with something useful in a week, drop me a line again to see if I'm still kicking.


On 1-Dec-07, at 1:50 PM, Robin Cornelius wrote:

Hi Jeff,

Do you have any working files for packaging opensim?

If you have packaging working i would be happy to add the debs/dsc
files to the secondlife-debian test repository. We are using that as a
staging ground for the secondlife viewer, openjpeg and other required
libs and opensim would be more than welcome to join the party.


Robin Cornelius

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