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Bug#421232: Bug#421241: Bug#421232: ITP: ttf-gfs-* -- Greek font family

> What's the status of the packages?
> If they are ready and don't need any maintenance and I can just sponsor
> you. If, OTOH, they need some love and you're lacking time, I'll join
> the team and set myself as a comaintainer.

I've checked most of the packages again (except ttf-gfs-baskerville,
ttf-gfs-didot, ttf-gfs-olga and ttf-gfs-porson for which I'm still
waiting for upstream feedback). The packages look good and are doing
their job AFAICT. I've added the Vcs information in debian/control.

I'd be grateful for your help in co-maintaining the packages. Do you
want to join and add yourself to the Uploaders field now? Thanks.

BTW, I've re-pinged Mohammed Adnène Trojette (adn) who offered
sponsorship a while ago. But I imagine it might be better to have a DD
who's mother-tongue is Greek to take care of the GFS fonts :)

Potential remaining issues are the defoma-hints. (Defoma segfaults when
creating the hints).

>> The current source packages are on
>> http://yosch.org/packages/debian/
> Are these the same as SVN?

Yes, they are in sync.

>> Looking forward to your thoughts and testing of the current packaging.
>> The sooner we can get these fonts in the archive the better, but we need
>> to have sufficient quality for the packaging obviously.

> Haven't checked them up yet (and probably won't for ~a week).
> Are you satisfied with them?

Yep. I'm not convinced we really need the defoma hints to provide useful
functionality to the vast majority of users.

So I think we're good to go ahead.

> If you are and I am too, I'll upload them ASAP.
> Regards,
> Faidon

Thanks again,

Nicolas Spalinger

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