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Bug#388362: WNPP bug retitle

retitle 388362 O: uligo -- tsumego (go problems) practice tool
noowner 388362


This is an automatic mail sent to retitle the ITA you have reported or 
are involved with.

Your ITA wnpp bug is being orphaned because of the following reasons:
- It is, as of today, older than 250 days.
- It hasn't had any activity recently.

As this is an automatic procedure, it could of course have something
wrong and probably it would be managing some bugs that are not 
intended by owners and submitters (like you) to be orphaned, for
example if the ITA is still of your interest, or there has been 
some kind of activity around it. In that case, please retitle the
bug, do it, DO IT NOW! (I don't want to be blamed because of
mass closing and not let people know that they can easily recover
their bugs ;-).

To retitle it, you simply have to mail <control@bugs.debian.org>
with a body text like this:

 retitle 388362 ITA: uligo -- tsumego (go problems) practice tool
 owner 388362 !

Further comments on the work done in the bug sent to
388362@bugs.debian.org would be truly welcomed.
Anyway, if you have any kind of problems when dealing with
the BTS, feel free to contact me and I'd be more than happy to help
you on this: <damog@debian.org>.

A similar process is being applied to other kind of wnpp bugs.

Thanks for your cooperation,

 -- David Moreno Garza <damog@debian.org>.

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