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Bug#453831: O: python-daap -- DAAP client implemented in Python

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

python-daap is orphaned.

Maintaining a package requires time and skills. Please only adopt this
package if you are *sure* you will have enough time and attention to
work on it.

If you want to be the new maintainer, please see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/index.html#howto-o for detailed
instructions how to adopt a package properly.

Some information about this package:

Package: python-daap
Binary: python-daap
Version: 0.7-1
Priority: optional
Section: python
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.0.0), python-central (>= 0.5), python-all-dev, python
Architecture: any
Standards-Version: 3.7.2
Format: 1.0
Directory: pool/main/p/python-daap
 5c9b8dd282f57420ac4b46829cef79d8 647 python-daap_0.7-1.dsc
 b131fc69fda9636cf9f5b3eb50aacfe8 25285 python-daap_0.7.orig.tar.gz
 3d6d9e6c1a61581a9c3a70d5d6c8bf52 11655 python-daap_0.7-1.diff.gz
Python-Version: all

Package: python-daap
Priority: optional
Section: python
Installed-Size: 128
Maintainer: Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Version: 0.7-1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.6.1-1), python-central (>= 0.5.8), python (<< 2.6), python (>= 2.4)
Filename: pool/main/p/python-daap/python-daap_0.7-1_i386.deb
Size: 16484
MD5sum: 784375a4e861329f1acd9bdf720629ee
SHA1: 2d51f706732930037947fbce9e56feef2c5b3a71
SHA256: 14e1d3e5650a1c54ecd48c13a56c4d4260fd2dcde835bd1c418f8c8030e564c8
Description: DAAP client implemented in Python
 PythonDaap is a (under development) DAAP client implemented in Python, and
 based on PyTunes by Davyd Madeley.
 PythonDaap contains the authentication stuff needed by recent copies of iTunes
 and a primitive object model that can download individual tracks.
 As of version 0.4, PythonDaap has playlist support.
Python-Version: 2.4, 2.5

Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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