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Bug#384300: libvirt packages on git.debian.org

"Marco Sinhoreli" <msinhore@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello Anibal, Guido, and Otávio,
>> >>Also, please take over the other related ITPs and put yourself as the
>> >>maintainer. Don't have me a comaintainer. I'm very busy these days. :)
>> >
>> >Thanks, will do - although I'd really would welcome a co-maintainer on
>> >this.
>> I'll recommend Marco for that and I'm happy to sponsor him or he could
>> apply for DM status.
> I'm glad for recommendation, and available to help as co-maintainer.
> We need to start a alioth page project. You can to do it?

I support the idea to use a collaborative maintainence for those

I know Guido is on same page then me but others might not to be, and
then I'd like to suggest to use GIT for package work. Comments?

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