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Bug#356492: RFS: Spout, a tiny but wonderful black and white game (ITP with Bug#356492)

-=| Javier Candeira, Thu, 05 Jul 2007 15:31:00 +1000 |=-
> * Package name    : Spout
>   Version         : 1.1a-1
>   Upstream Author : Kumi
> * URL             : http://www.din.or.jp/~ku_/junk/spout11a.zip
> * License         : MIT
>   Section         : games
> * Browse   : http://rowrcolo.net/~kandinski/packages/spout/
>   and you'll find :
>       http://rowrcolo.net/~kandinski/packages/spout/spout_1.1a-1.diff.gz
>       http://rowrcolo.net/~kandinski/packages/spout/spout_1.1a-1.dsc
>       http://rowrcolo.net/~kandinski/packages/spout/spout_1.1a.orig.tar.gz
> Uploading this package will close bug 356492. It is policy-compliant
> and 	

Hello, Javier,

I am wiling to sponsor this game, but there are some problems (for me;
others may not share this):

debian/copyright - missing year(s) of copyright

Also, there is SDL/license.txt in the source, but it is not obvious
what is the license of the files outside the SDL directory. You
should check this with upstream. Ideally, every source file should have
a license block in the beginning.

Hm. As far as I see, everything that is needed for the "make" run is in
SDL. So it may be best to omit everything outside SDL out of
the .orig.tar.gz.

Since you're re-packaging (zip -> tar.gz), you may want to remove some
cruft like SDL.dll and Spout.exe from the source archive.

To make this easily reviewable and maintainable, please provide
debian/get-orig-source.sh that automates the process (zip->unzip,
remove cruft->.orig.tar.gz)

Please provide debian/watch file. See uscan(1) for the format.

The .desktop file is invalid. Try desktop-file-validate from
desktop-file-utils package.

Install .desktop file with dh_desktop (in binary-arch target). It
install the .desktop file *and* calls update-desktop-database from the
maintainer scripts. See dh_desktop(1).

Please add debian/menu file. Note that section names are changed. See
recent announcement on debian-devel-announce and menufile(5) (be sure
to have at least version 2.1.35 of the "menu" package)

It would be nice if you can remove the lines from debian/rules that are
presently commented out and for which it is obvious that they'll never
be needed (example: dh_perl).

The game writes its HiScores file (spout.sco) in the current working
directory. Can you make it use /var/games for that? Or at least
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