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Bug#428676: Interested to sponsor snowballz

--- Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> escribió:

>   Hello,
> Vincent Fourmond wrote:
> >  This game looks fun and I'd be interested to sponsor it. I'll check
> > packaging on mentors.debian.org tonight, if that's fine by you.
>   The package seems in a pretty good shape. There's two small details:
>   * the manual page probably should mention that you did write it (based
> on the README file, as I can tell);
>   * there's some typos in the description (and in the manual page as well):
>  'forests to conqueror new frontears' should rather be
>  'forests to conquer new frontiers'
>   I can upload the package if you provide those fixes.

Thanks! :)

Yup, I should fix that ASAP, I'll tell you when I reupload it :)


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