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Bug#391473: Team maintenance of systemimager

On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 09:14:36PM -0400, Roberto C. S?nchez wrote:
> Hello,
> Today I have requested the creation of an Alioth project for the
> systemimager packaging effort.  If you are interested in joining the
> team, please send a followup to this bug with your Alioth user ID and I
> will add it to the project once it is created.

fyi, systemimager packaging is still being developed here:

There are already lists for development and for monitoring commits,
and there is active packaging development (mostly from Geoffroy
Vallee these days).

I'm all for team maintainance - but I really want to see a smooth
transition. I don't think we need to migrate to alioth when we
already have an active development location. And - though I'm excited
to see the interest, I'm uncomfortable handing this over to a group of
people from whom I don't recall seeing any significant patches (no
offense intended).

My preference is to continue working where we are, and for developers
to send patches to the devel list for review. Overtime I can grant new
developers commit access based upon the quality of their

dann frazier

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