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Bug#382195: Offer of Assistance

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 09:50:58 am Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> Notice that the binary package is now called libmtp5.

It's great to see someone who knows what they are doing pick this up and run 
with it.  However, I wonder if naming the binary package after the so name is 
the right course of action.

I refer you to the following post on the libmtp mailing list:

While obviously a joke, I don't know if upstream has decided on a consistent 
so name, er, strategy.  Would it be better to just keep the binary package as 
libmtp so that end users don't have to hunt around for the correct package 
should upstream continue to be a moving target?

As a final thought, it would be great to get a package that includes all of 
the example tools that are distributed by upstream...  things like 
mtp-detect, and so on.  Any change you could put together a "mtp-tools" 


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