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Bug#403619: RFP: languagetool -- rule-based language checker

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name: languagetool
Version: 0.8.6
Upstream Author: Daniel Naber (naber at danielnaber de)
URL: http://www.danielnaber.de/languagetool
License: Mostly LGPL, also some BSD, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0
Description: A rule-based language checker

This is a rule-based language checker for which a rule is defined.
It can detect errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect e.g.
mixing up there/their, no/now etc. It can also detect a limited
amount of grammar mistakes.

It currently has support for English, German, Polish, and Dutch, and
limited support for French, Spanish, and Italian.

It can be used standalone, as plugin for openoffice.org, with LyX,
in java applications and as standalone web server.

I think this would be a useful thing to have in Debian, since we
currently don't seem to have something simular.  But I have no
intention to package this myself.


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