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Bug#400078: ITA revoked. Corrected to point to current maintainer

retitle 400078 Bug#400078: fixed in hostname 2.93
owner 400078 Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>

Anibal, thanks for the note which I missed.

Daniel, I mistakenly announced ITA before I noticed you were listed
there. I happened to fixed all bugs in the package since 2.93. You can
get the newest version from:

  dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/h/hostname/hostname_2.94.dsc

Also at


ChangeLog attached, ignore 'New maintainer' line.

    hostname (2.94) unstable; urgency=low

      * New maintainer (O; Closes: #400078)
      * Corrected version number. (Closes: 396596)
      * Updated man page to clarify effect of --file (Closes: #252182).
      * Mention that /etc/hostname should only contain domain name and not
        the full FQD. (Closes: #253956)
      * Print warning to stderr when trying to set doemain name to FDQN
        (Closes: #239888)
      * Implement -v verbose option. (Closes: #382059)
      * Remove trailing space from -a output. (Closes: #390527)
      * Use softlink for dnsdomainname. (Closes: #382728)
      * Confirm that --version outputs to stdout, not stderr. (Closes: #361862)
      * debian/control: (Maintainer:) updated.
      * debian/copyright: Updated to latest dh-make template
      * hostname.c: Code layout fixed to 4-spaces. Added braces.
        gcc -Wall -pedantic warnings fixed. Added FATAL/WARNING
        prefixes to error messages.
        (usage): Order options alphabetically. Layout 'lined up'.
        (main; struct option): Order options alphabetically.
        (show_name): -a output fix.
        (check_name): Added i-range checks.
        (verbose): New varargs function. Implements -v option.

The changes are so extensive, that diff wouldn't communicate the
modifications well. Download the new source and do a local comparison.
Or copy hostname.c directly from the package.


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