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Bug#360327: RFA: sgf2tex


  I would be pleased to adopt your sgf2tex package. In fact, my plan
is to remove it from debian and replace it by a sgf2dg package as
upstream changed its project name.
  So, bugs #360327 (your O bugsreport), #361151 (my RFA) and #361155
(my ITP for sgf2dg) are related (and also #361158 and #361159 that are
ITP for related perl libraries).

  If you agree that I adopt your package, I will make the  sgf2dg source
package create a sgf2tex binary package with only a depend on sgf2dg
(for smooth transition). I will also add your changelog in my package
so that we can still keep a record of your work on sgf2tex.

  What do you think of my proposal ?

  Best regards,

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