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Bug#360092: kmplayer package review

Mark Purcell <msp@debian.org> writes:

> On Wednesday 05 April 2006 05:35, Christian Marillat wrote:


>> Yes, this package should go in contrib due to the mplayer dependency.
> Thanks Christian,
> kmplayer despite the name no longer solely depends on mplayer to provide a 
> functional media player.  In fact the way it has been packaged for Debian in 
> svn.debian is that it only depends on the free xine to provide media player 
> functionality and this should go in main and not contrib. It also can use a 
> gstreamer backend, which, whilst also free, has been disabled for the Debian 
> package.

Of course mplayer is needed. See in src/kmplayerprocess.cpp

In the same source, mencoder is also called which is definitely not

The README file isn't ambiguous :

| KMPlayer needs KDE3.1 and a working mplayer/mencoder somewhere in you PATH.

So kmplayer should go in contrib or all the code related to
mplayer/mencoder need to be removed and then kmplayer can go in main.


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