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Bug#359007: RFP: Bob Parnass's Radio Software

2006/3/25, Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org>:

Joop, http://parnass.org/ 's radio software is GPL'd and would very
easy for you to package for Debian. (Not for me: old and grey, I
haven't even used tk2 in the last two years.)

Not sure how many packages you would make of them all... which parts
are common, and don't need to be repeated etc. Maybe one big package
would do.

Hi Dan,

well, it's techically impossible to create one package out of 12 source packages. But no problem starting out with just one and see how it works... Would you be able to test it? Which package would you prefer first, the tk2?

Linux for your hamradio desktop

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