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Bug#256283: [pylucene-dev] Re: PyLucence Debian Package


I compiled PyLucene 1.9rc1-7 for the i386, amd64, and
powerpc Debian architectures.  I created an APT repository
because I figured it would be easier to manage.  So if you
add the follow instructions to your website they should make
sense to any Debian user:

    There are binary PyLucene 1.9rc1-7 Debian Stable (Sarge)
    packages for the i386, amd64, and powerpc architectures.
    To install PyLucene add the following apt repository to
    your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

        deb http://www.canonical.org/debian/ sarge main
    then run the following commands:

        apt-get update
        apt-get install python2.4-pylucene

    PyLucene only works with Python 2.4 so to make use of it
    ensure you are using /usr/bin/python2.4 and not /usr/bin/python.

Any questions / concerns, just tell me and I'll change
whatever you need.

Oh, one last thing, in addition to adding a README.Debian
file I added the samples and test cases to the documentation
set.  The /usr/share/doc/python2.4-pylucene/README.Debian
file gives instructions on how to run them.


Andi Vajda [vajda@osafoundation.org] said:

> On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:
> >Andi, how about distributing the binary package (.deb) from the
> >PyLucene website while things are shaking out? Or perhaps Matthew
> >can distribute from canonical.org, and have a link from the PyLucene
> >homepage? This can be done immediately, allows Debian sarge users
> >to try out the package and provide feedback, and will make a few people's
> >lives a little easier. I can't think of any disadvantages.
> +1
> Where can I get the package from ? (I don't have a Debian system available 
> to me to build it myself). Alternatively, I could also just put a link to 
> the package - hosted elsewhere - onto the PyLucene homepage. Either way is 
> fine.
> Andi..

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