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Bug#256283: [pylucene-dev] Re: PyLucence Debian Package

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

I use Apple's JDK on Mac OS X, my main development platform.

Oh yeah. There is one more technical factor to add into the mix, hopefully
people's heads aren't ready to explode.

Debian supports a lot of architecture, I think the current number is 11.
There are autobuilders for all of these architectures, but they only have
access to Free Software. They don't have access to - say - the Apple or
Sun JDK.

Clearly. That is why I was asking if jikes or the eclipse java compiler were considered free software by Debian.

* Matthew's current PyLucene package sidesteps this issue and should
build on all architectures.

* If we usse an entirely Free Software toolchain, it should also build on all

I don't exactly know what you mean by '11 architectures' but if these are strange combinations of chips, kernels and the like, you should first make sure gcj is functional on these 11 architectures. I routinely build PyLucene on Mac OS X, Windows (with mingw) and Gentoo linux (32 bit). I also know of a user of PyLucene who seems to be able to use it on FreeBSD. Any other architecture such as 64 bit OSs, etc.. are even more bleeding edge....


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