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Bug#350336: ITP: latex-mk -- tool for managing LaTeX projects

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
Do you have plans to make it an official Debian package?

Yes, when I will have some free time. Probably one or two months from
now. But, it is possible that I try to merge my work with latex-mk.
I do not look at it in details yet. So I do not know if it is
possible or not.

From a quick look at the files in latex-utils, I see:

Is this an appropriate place for this file? The FHS says:
I think a better place would be:


Previous version where using this. However, this needs that the
user remember the full path.

'make' automatically look for included files in /usr/include. I
decided to take advantage of this. (and LaTeX.mk is still a file
to include, even if it is not a C or C++ header file).

This setup allows a user to write its Makefile with only
'include LaTeX.mk'. And if he tries to compile its document on a system
without my debian package, he just have to call :
make -Idir_of_local_install_of_latex-utils ....
This is very usefull as a lot of my latex documents are collaborative
work (under CVS) with people having very different OS (MacOSX, ...)

  Best regards,

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