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Bug#278810: ITP: slony-i

Am Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2005 17:01 schrieb Stephen Frost:
>   Probably best to use Build-Depends-Indep in this case since building
>   the docs adds alot of dependencies that aren't otherwise necessary.

But running binary-arch will build the docs anyway (it's all part of "make"); 
so this will not work.

>   According to upstream though, technically flex and bison shouldn't be
>   necessary when building from a release (I was building from CVS).
>   You should be able to remove the flex/bison parts of yoour clean::
>   too, really.  Was there some reason you needed to rebuild them?

The output of flex and bison was not included in the source tarball. This was 
obviously a mistake, and I have informed upstream about that.

>   I'm not sure
>   slony1-bin should Recommend postgresql-8.0-slony1 (a Suggests would be
>   better, imv).

In most cases (rather than in some cases), these will be installed on the same 
system, so it seems useful that they have a close dependency.

>   Additionally, ntp-server should be a Recommends in 
>   postgresql-8.0-slony1, not slony1-bin.

I'm not convinced of that. The handling of replication events is done in slon 
in package slony1-bin.  The backend module does not contain any code to read 

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