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Bug#338676: ITP: python-turbogears -- front-to-back rapid web development

Em Sex, 2005-11-11 às 18:09 -0600, Bob Tanner escreveu:
>         TurboGears brings together four major pieces to create an
>         easy to install, easy to use web megaframework. It covers
>         everything from front end (MochiKit JavaScript for the browser,
>         Kid for templates in Python) to the controllers (CherryPy) to
>         the back end (SQLObject).

I uploaded CherryPy 2.1 recently. Would you be willing to create a
pkg-turbogears team where we can share maintainership of turbogears and
related modules?

I'm quite interested in it.

I was planning to maybe package MochiKit. I haven't seen packages for it
on your repo and noticed you're packaging only for python2.4. I'm doing
for both 2.3 and 2.4.

I enjoyed seen python-json there, though. Are you going to ITP it?
(sorry if you did and I didn't notice).


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