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Bug#335992: RFA: mantis -- web-based bug tracking system

On Thu, October 27, 2005 09:38, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> I request an adopter for the mantis package since I no longer use it.
> A few security-related bugs have been filed for which the status quo
> is unclear.

Please note that I've already prepared an NMU for these security bugs for
unstable which is now pending review of my sponsor. If this turns out to
be ok I'll also prepare an update for stable.

> Upstream does not seem to support the "stable" 0.19.2 version any
> longer and wants users to upgrade to an 1.0 prerelease which can't be
> considered stable so far.
> If no-one has the time to take over the package, an NMU to fix the
> security issues is appreciated -- and encouraged.

I'm working on this but am not planning to adopt the package... so it
still needs a new maintainer.


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