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Bug#335174: RFP: gyach-e -- feature-rich Yahoo! Messenger client with webcam support

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name : gyach-e
  Version : 1.0.7
  Upstream Author : Erica Andrews <PhrozenSmok@yahoo.com>
* URL : http://www.phrozensmoke.com/projects/pyvoicechat/index_gyache.php
* Licence : GPL
  Description : enhanced Yahoo! Messenger client with webcam support

GYach Enhanced is an unoffical 'fork' of the original GYach.  GYach
enhanced is an attempt to give Linux users many of the features you
would have/see running the Windows Yahoo client - hopefully, without
duplicating the bugs and clumsy interface of the Windows client and
without treating the user like they are a complete idiot.

Zak B. Elep --- http://zakame.spunge.org
1486 7957 454D E529 E4F1  F75E 5787 B1FD FA53 851D

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