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Bug#304819: spca5xx debian package

Kel Modderman(kelrin@tpg.com.au)@2005-09-23 04:16:
> Sounds like a crap idea to me. I don't care whether my particular
> package has never had contact with the official debian distribution
> before. I've tried my best to improve on my package with each release
> and adhere to the strict debian policies in part of the effort to make
> Kanotix 100% debian. Even if a package does not come from the official
> debian repositories, its up to Stefan  and I to make sure it is of
> debian standard in every way. Having said that, should our efforts not
> be documented as if this was going to be released into debian itself?

Yup .. this idea was bad.  Changelog stays as is.

> Sure, make an Alioth account, I'd love to share the experience of
> maintaining a quality package with other people who share the same
> enjoyment and freedom that debian gives them.

> Well, I made a few small updates in the past hour to my package to make
> it more suitable to enter debian and am confident that my work is of
> high enough quality to make it trivial to add the finishing touches
> (depending on your packaginging style perhaps). That is not assuming
> anything about the work of the other gentlemen in this equation, Itay,
> who seems to have been made uncomfortable by previous dealings with
> prospective DD(s).

I tried to make it clear that I approaching this in a friendly manner
and am still not sure how I upset.  The changelog idea was bad - but I
meant no harm.

> Likewise, I have been introduced into the world of debian development in
> a sour way. The "pkg-madwifi" project on Alioth is based on my efforts
> and I did not even have the opportunity of being able to reply to the
> wannabe maintainers request to "snatch" my efforts, so for sending this
> message to me is appreciated. (Even now I do not have write access to
> that svn repository)

Well ... I had no intention of snatching anybody's efforts.  I was
actually trapped in this thing by my naive expectation that the NM
process would complete in a reasonable time frame.

> Anyway, to cut the story short, I don't want to have another bad
> experience, so just put the project into svn on Alioth. Let everybody
> look at it, propose some items that could be improved or worked on and
> discuss what actually needs to be done and by who.

I have started the process by applying for the account.  Assuming it
is approved we will all have full access.
> Thanks, Kel.
Thank you.


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