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Bug#299759: Your work on linux-wlan-ng

Le samedi 03 septembre 2005 à 20:30 +0200, Victor Seva Lopez a écrit :
> We are working in linux-wlan-ng but I found a bug [0] that makes impossible to me
> build a 0.2.2 version for 2.4.27-2 or 2.6.8-2 kernels.
> As you can see... We are working on this.
> My sponsor agi is away ( vacations ) since July. Can you take a look over to our
> 0.2.2 version for sid[1]? And If you are agree with it can you sponsor us since agi
> is online again?

When will he come back ? 

I'm not so confident to upload this version since I tested it and I
could't make my USB stick (Netgear MA-111) work with 2.6.12 kernel +
your 0.2.2 linux-wlan-ng.

I'm really not an expert on kernel modules. Did you ask for someone on
debian-mentors already ? 

Did you contact the kernel team ? Maybe you could integrate the work
with them and maybe a member of the team can sponsor you ? They have all
the required knowledge ...

Raphaël Hertzog

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