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Bug#325934: ITP: php-clamavlib -- PHP ClamAV Lib - ClamAV Interface for PHP Scripts

Neil McGovern wrote:

>On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 11:57:38PM +0200, Jonas Genannt wrote:
>Odd, I'm the maintainer for php-clamav :)
Yes, I know this ;)

>The upstream author for php-clamav certainly isn't dead, but there
>hasn't been any new releases for a while.
>php-clamavlib certainly does look like a seperate source from
I have contact wit the upstream of php-clamavlib. And he says that in
1-2 weeks he will release a new version.

>Could you drop me an email when this gets into the archive, and if tehre
>hasn't been any update from ustream, and I can't get hold of him, I'll
>request the removal of php-clamav from the archive.
Yes I can do this.
Package is ready  under [1]. I will send an email for searching an
sponsor to the mentors list.


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