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Bug#325825: Bug#325822: ITP: auctiongallery-template-grey -- The auctiongallery template grey

hey stan,

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 02:12:02PM -0700, Stan Vasilyev wrote:
> >why can't these templates be provided as part of the auctiongallery
> >package, or at the least as a single "auctiongallery-themes" package?
> >
> I'm following the format of bootsplash and bootsplash-theme packages. I
> guess I can put all themes in auctiongallery-templates package. The
> reason why I separated auctiongallery and auctiongallery-template is
> because I am planning to have user-made template contributions.

i would argue that their approach wasn't optimal either :).  

i don't know a whole lot about this particular software, but unless
there were some strange/technical reason that they couldn't all be
part of the same package, i'd lump them together.  it would save
package bloat a bit, which is always a good thing--and i imagine
that if a user were to install one theme, they'd be very likely to
install the other themes anyway and this way they'd get them all
at once.



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