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Bug#322093: ITA: gnome-alsamixer -- ALSA sound mixer for GNOME

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005, Roland Stigge wrote:
> Hi Mohammed,

Hi Roland.

> are you still planning to adopt this package? In this case, I strongly
> recommend some work here; an RC bug for gnome-alsamixer is open for 2
> weeks now. I would also sponsor this package's upload.

I am actually working on it, and have packages that fix the RC bug.
I am also intending to make this package included in pkg-gnome
(Sebastien Bacher being aware of that).

The only remaining issue is with the gconf gnome-alsamixer.schemas file
which is missing in upstream's sources. I did bug upstream last week,
but I did not get any answer yet.

So don't worry, I am on it, and thank you for your interest ;)

PS: a preview is already available at

Mohammed Adnène Trojette
"Aime l'honneur plus que ta propre vie."
              Pierre de Pibrac

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