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Bug#291069: Are you still working on this?

If so: Do you need help with it?
If not: Could you retitle the bug to "RFP: pitivi -- GStreamer based
non-linear audio/video editing software"?

To do the latter, send an email to control@bugs.debian.org with the
following content:
--------- cut here ----------
Package wnpp
retitle 291069 RFP: pitivi -- GStreamer based non-linear audio/video
editing software
--------- cut here ----------

Obviously, the second and third line should be one line.

Wether you are still working on it or not, please reply within 3 weeks,
otherwise I will retitle the bug myself, indicating that anyone may take
over. Since you don't seem to have replied to Free Ekanayaka (whom I
CC'ed this mail to) for almost exactly two months, I assume you are
either not interested anymore or missing in action. PLEASE prove me wrong.


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