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Bug#324765: O: vbpp - Verilog preprocessor

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I no longer use the vbs and vbpp packages myself. They need a new
maintainer. Both packges are in good condition, having no bugs.


vbs -- Verilog Behavioral Simulation
  Verilog is a Hardware Description Language used mostly for digital
 circuit design and simulation. This program is a simple
  implementation of a Verilog simulator. VBS tries to implement all of
  the Verilog behavioral constructs that are synthesizable, but still
 allow complex test vectors for simulation.

vbpp -- Verilog preprocessor
  VBPP is a Verilog preprocessor. It has support for most Verilog
  preprocessing directives and additional directives such as:
  1. Statement generator ('generate' command in VHDL).
 2. Expression evaluation.
  3. Mathematical functions: log2, ceil, floor, round, abs, etc.
 4. Conditionals: if, switch, etc.

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