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Bug#243938: Existing packages

Moritz Naumann wrote:
> I just realized there are already (inofficial) rkhunter packages. It
> took some time to find them, so you may have missed them, too.
> http://julien.valroff.free.fr/#main

These appear to be based on Emanuele's 1.1.9 packages, updated for 1.2.7.

The source package works well for me, with one caveat: it installs the line:

INSTALLDIR=[build-time install directory]

in /etc/rkhunter.conf. This needs to be replaced with INSTALLDIR=/usr
before rkhunter will run successfully. I fixed this by adding:

sed -i 's:^INSTALLDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/rkhunter$$:INSTALLDIR=/usr:' \

below the ./installer.sh line in debian/rules.

The installed package then works fine for me although, as has been
commented earlier, the /usr/lib/rkhunter tree needs splitting between
/usr and /var so that /usr can be read-only.

I'd been thinking about trying to package this for a while myself, so
it's good to see that people are already working on it. I'm quite happy
to help out in any way though.


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