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Bug#243938: Fwd: rkhunter: Suggestions (with patches) for more flexibility in rkhunter

Below is the email I sent to upstream back in January. My diffs 
(attached to this mail) may not represent the most elegant bash code in 
the world, but it should at least reflect what ideas I'd like for 
upstream to incorporate to improve flexibility (maybe it has changed 
since then - haven't checked newer versions of rkhunter since then).


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Subject: rkhunter: Suggestions (with patches) for more flexibility in 
Date: Monday 24 January 2005 02:34
From: Frederik Dannemare <frederik@dannemare.net>
To: Michael Boelen <michael@rootkit.nl>

Hello Michael,

first of all: thank you for rkhunter. Lovely tool.

I am currently working with another Debian Developer in undertaking the
work of packaging rkhunter for Debian.

In order to make it much easier for packagers such as myself, I have
come up with some modifications to make rkhunter more flexible
regarding usage and in particular installation. It mostly has to do
with paths and such.

I hope you will take a look at my suggested changes and hopefully you
will consider using some of it.

If you don't like the code itself, I hope you will at least incorporate
some of the ideas behind it in future version af rkhunter, as it will
make it much easier to package for e.g. Debian which has strict rules
as to where certain type of files must be installed.

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