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Bug#321654: RFA: debtags: Enables support for package tags -- optional

On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 05:13:54PM +0200, Simon Richter wrote:

> I think I can do that; while the amount of free time I have is certainly
> limited, triggering a recompile is certainly doable, and I also have
> access to a lot of obscure architectures.

Oh, nice!  Would you prefer comaintainership?  Can start to do team
maintenance and leave the RFA open.

> What version tracking do you use?

Subversion, at:


Activity on debtags is pretty quiet these days, as I'm mainly working on
libapt-front and debtags-edit.  You may take advantage of this to give a
look around and fix what you think is broken.

Some notes about the package:

 - libraries are intended to be static-only, as the ABI is not
   stabilised yet.  This is why no shared library is built.
 - however, the package generates language bindings, which need to be
   shared objects, which need to be compiled with -fPIC.  That's the
   reason of the double compile run, and that's the reason of the -pic
   library package.  Note: I'd like to find a better way (that is,
   handled automatically by libtool) to do this.
 - the devel library install the headers in
   /usr/include/debtags-1.0/debtags, so that headers for multiple
   versions of the devel library can coexist
 - to ease the work of developers using the library, pkg-config and
   automake files are provided and installed by the -dev package.  There
   is also doxygen-generated documentation.
 - debtags's postinst rationale:
    - if it's being run for the first time, copy the database and
      vocabulary files shipped with the package into the location where
      apt's downloader expects to find the previously downloaded files.
    - debtags update is run.  If we're offline, apt will fallback to the
      previously downloaded files, possibly the ones shipped with the
      package if we're offline on the first update run.

Some notes about the bugs:

#246678: mkbrowser script shows warnings, invoke debtags with bad syntax
         and segfault

  mkbrowser hasn't been in my target for a while.  It needs to be
  rewritten, or dropped.  The existance of debtags-based GUIs are making
  it less useful, although no GUI still exist that experiments with the
  smart hierarchy algorithm like mkbrowser does.

#304832: doesn't support arch-specific packages

  This needs to be fixed in the central database.  This bug is left open
  on debtags because there's no package for the central database.

#320791: confused on amd64

  I still haven't managed to work on this.

#144046: general: Sections are not finely grained

  Old, historical bug.  I intend to close it pretty soon.  Namely, once
  me and aj have done some more rounds of tag updates on the Packages
  file and I see that the procedure is working.

#277626: debtags: should support running as non-root user

  I'm keeping this bug open because there are some ideas in my comment
  to it.

#290457: debtags: add a non-free/crontrib group of tags?

  We still haven't given this thinking on debtags-devel.  I/we should
  brobably bring it up for discussion one day the list is dead.

#322954: debtags: Implement --dry-run functionality

  The patches for the manpage mentioned in the log are already in



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