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Bug#246244: ITP: hugin -- A GUI frontend to Panorama Tools

Le Jeudi 4 Août 2005 10:37, Mickael Profeta a écrit :
> On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 02:46:36AM +0200, Florent Bayle wrote:
> Hi Florent
> > I have packaged libpano12, and I plan to package hugin (and maybe
> > autopano and enblend too). I've already made some package, but they still
> > need some work. I think that I will upload them at the beginning of July.
> What about your package on Hugin?
> I just received a mail saying that enblend is about to be uploaded in
> Debian, and it would be very cool that hugin enters debian also.
> If you need help, do not hesitate to ask.

I have worked with upstream authors to fix some problems on 0.5 RC version of 
hugin :
 - non-free sourcecode 
 - obsolete utilities
 - unable to build with official version of vigra library

In last CVS version, there was a code cleanup. Now there is only GPL 
sourcecode, and all the obsolete utilities were removed, but hugin still need 
to be built with a modified version of vigra.

So, I have two choices :
 - package last CVS version with modified version of vigra (and make a package 
libvigra-hugin, or something like that).
 - wait that the changes made to vigra were merged with official version and 
that this version enters into Debian.

Pablo d'Angelo (upstream author) is working on merging hugin's vigra with 
official version (see 
https://www.email-lists.org/pipermail/ptx/2005-July/004010.html), so I 
decided to wait. But if there was no changes until the end of september, I 
will package last CVS version with modified vigra version.


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