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Bug#239047: TaskJuggler packages

On Thursday 11 August 2005 00:13, you wrote:
> It looks like it doesn't like libdate-pcalc-perl, so I guess you should use
> libdate-calc-perl.

Thanks I have updated to the Build-Depends you suggested and looks like 
erveything is working better now.

config was looking for openjade, so I provided it as a build-dep. Doesn't look 
like it is used though.

The new packages are available at http://people.debian.org/~msp

> I'm also getting an error in the TestSuite:
> May be you're not getting it because tjxx2gant is not being built. ???

I'm building tjxx2gant now as well without errors, so I'm not sure what the 
problem is.  Btw, given the mixed state with the c++ transition I am using a 
few packages from testing/ unstable and experimental to provide the KDE 3.4 
build enviroment, which should sort itself out over time.

The menu entries need a better locations, they are appearing under 
'Lost+Found' at the moment and a couple of out issues, such as man pages, 
shlib-symlink's, need to be fixed up as well.  But otherwise it is looking 
pretty stable.

Handbooks and documentation also appear to be in the wrong locations :-)

Do you have an account on alioth? If so then I would be happy to upload to svn 
and that would make co-working a lot easier.


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