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Bug#221258: kdar package updates

I have attempted to contact Roman Kreisel regarding the status of the kdar 
package, but have been unsuccessful.

The newest upstream release of KDar (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdar/) is 
2.0.6, while the Kalyxo project's package is still at 2.0.4-1.  I've made a 
few minor improvements to the package and have the source and binary files 
(for i386) available at...

  deb http://potatosalad.gotdns.com/debian/ unstable main
  deb-src http://potatosalad.gotdns.com/debian/ unstable main

Specific files for 2.0.6-1...

Anyway, just curious about the status of the package and whether someone has 
already done what I've done (probably much better).


Andrew Bennett

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