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Bug#321744: RFA: libgimp-perl -- Perl support and plugins for The GIMP

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I have to admit that I'm not using libgimp-perl for my own work, so my
interest in maintaining it has a bit ceased.

Anyway, the packaging is more or less in a good state, but I didn't have
time to fix some upstream bugs (or at least cleanly forward them to
upstream). Please also note that the last upstream release was when
Gimp 2.0 came out.

So, here's the description:
Description: Perl support and plugins for The GIMP
 The Gimp module includes the Perl modules necessary to write
 Perl-based plugins for The GIMP. It includes several plugins with
 various useful features.

I will orphan in 3 months or so if nobody cares enough to take the
package. No package in the archive depends on it (only a suggests from
gimp), but there are some users, so I'm reluctant to ask for removal.


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