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Bug#321693: RFA: vaiostat-source -- kernel module for Sony Vaio laptops

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Since I don't have a Vaio anymore I am unable to test this package
properly. I think it should be adopted by someone who can.

Package description:
  This module creates some entries in /proc/vaio concerning battery and
  power usage information, and LCD brightness levels on Sony Vaio

  Although on newer laptops some of this information is handled by
  ACPI as well, this module is required for some older ones, and still
  works on the newer ones.  Recent kernel sources include a SONYPI
  module that provides similar functionality to this one, but it
  cannot change LCD brightness on some laptops where this module

The module is effectively dead upstream (upstream author also lost his
Vaio). When I took over the package (because the previous maintainer
lost his Vaio) I tried to rewrite the module's build system for 2.6.x
kernels, but didn't manage to make it really sleek - it only works
reliably when used with kernel-package. There's an open bug (#296566)
caused by me forgetting to adjust the build instructions in the README
file. When I tried to improve the instructions I discovered that my
rewritten build system should never have worked at all.  It may be an
advantage to have prior experience with kernel modules and interfacing
with the kernel build system than I do, but do not let it stop you if
you have none - I haven't either.

Warning: if the historical record is any guide, involvement with this
package will cause you to lose your Vaio.

Henning Makholm

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