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Bug#321488: ITP: dssi0.9-plugin-sineshaper -- Monophonic synth plugin with two oscillators and waveshapers.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

URL: http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d00-llu/music_dssi.php
License: GPL

Package: dssi0.9-plugin-sineshaper
Description: Monophonic synth plugin with two oscs and waveshapers.
 A monophonic synth plugin that sends the sound from two sine
 oscillators through two sine waveshapers in series. You can control the
 vibrato, tremolo, portamento, the tuning of both oscillators, the
 oscillator mix, and the shape amount (total and split over both
 shapers). There is also an ADSR envelope generator that can control the
 total shape amount and the amplification (with controllable sensitivity
 for both), an LFO for the total shape amount, and a feedback delay. The
 shape amount and amplification is velocity sensitive, and the "Mod
 Wheel" MIDI controller is bound to the total shape amount.
 This is a development version, so things will probably change - don't
 use this plugin in a patch or song and expect later versions to work in
 the same way.

I've begun to package some dssi-related software. Packages to far (binary and source) are available from

See also bug#280165 (ITP: dssi) and other dssi0.9 ITP's.

Work needed:
- check if libgtkmm stuff is done ok

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