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Bug#321252: ITP: cl-lw-compat -- LispWorks Compatibility Library

On  4.08.05, Peter Van Eynde wrote:

Hi Peter,

> * Package name    : cl-lw-compat
>   Version         : 0.2
>   Upstream Author : Pascal Costanza

Currently, lw-compat is provided by the cl-aspectl package. Pascal
Constanza provided it in the upstream tarball of AspectL. I have
changed cl-aspectl so that it does not install lw-compat files,
because lw-compat and AspectL are now seperated upstream.

I've tagged my cl-aspectl repository 0.6.5-2, so if you upload
cl-lw-compat I'd like you to sponsor an upload for an updated
cl-aspectl as well.

You can just upload the current state of the cl-aspectl repository[1],
built against the orig.tar.gz of ftp.debian.org. 

Thanks. :)

[1] http://cl-debian.alioth.debian.org/repository/rvb/cl-aspectl/

René van Bevern -- http://progn.org/

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