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Bug#276096: eclipse 3.1 in debian

After I emailed the bug, I ported the ubuntu packages to debian, fixing
a few problems with dependencies.

It takes about 1.3G of disk, 500M+ of /tmp and 100Ms of memory and 30+
minutes to build on system.

and still isn't quite working yet:

$ /usr/bin/eclipse
/usr/bin/eclipse: line 4: /usr/share/java-common/java-common.sh: No such
file or directory
/usr/bin/eclipse: line 5: jvm_find: command not found

which seems to be caused by using files in the java-common package from
ubuntu (0.23ubuntu3) which are not in the debian one (0.23).

I also think eclipse-ecj should Conflict: and Replace: ecj-bootstrap so
that installing eclipse-ecj kicks out ecj-bootstrap.

The resulting binaries I'm not wanting to host myself but 've put the
diff I've got so far at http://people.debian.org/~dajobe/eclipse/

I'm not very interested in maintaining it, but as the maintainer of ikvm
I'd like it build as ikvm's latest release now needs either
ecj-bootstrap or eclipse-ecj to compile.  I'm presently using the


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