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Bug#319475: gnomecatalog short description suggestion


The short description for gnomecatalog "A Cataloging for gnome desktop"
seems confusing to me.  As written it could mean a cataloging of
programs for the gnome desktop or something else.  The following are
offered as possible alternatives or something similar would work as

Removable media and hard disk file cataloging program for GNOME
Catalog CD, DVD, and hard disk files from the GNOME desktop
Cataloging software for CD, DVD, and hard disk files -- GNOME desktop

The second and third examples above were derived from the SourceForge project
site.  I think most anything that specified that the package is to be
used to make a catalog of files would be OK.  Also, the mention of
"GNOME" or "GNOME desktop", or even "gnome desktop", is probably
optional since gnome is in the package name.

Hope that helps.

Doug Jensen

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